Artist Workshop (12+)

Schedule: 2 classes 

Saturday, March 18  9 am-2 pm

and Saturday, March 25 10 am-4pm     Public shadow puppet performance beginning at 5 pm March 25. Workshop Price:  All supplies will be provided.  Yonder will order pizza on Saturday March 25th for all participants.  Please bring your own snacks, lunch and beverages. Adults: $200 Artists under 18: $100 Class Limit: 10

Workshop Description

Puppeteer, Don Krumpos, will share shadow puppet history, storyboarding and process as well as technical craft. Students will create their own shadow puppet short animation (about 5 minutes).   Creative work is encouraged outside of class time to refine their performance.  Students will work collaboratively and perform their puppet show on March 25th at 5 pm in a public performance hosted by Yonder.  All artists, students and professional artists, ages 12 and up are welcome!   Due to space limitations this class is open to no more than 10 students.   Since this course has a lot of material put into a small amount of time, we have prepared some material for you to look at ahead of time.

Course Materials and Links

This print out will give you some ideas on how to use a craft knife and strategies to make paper cuts.

The Wikipedia entry on Java shadow theater and its many branches and expressions.

Karagöz is a Turkish shadow theater in which puppets of characters and objects made of camel or ox skin are held up to a light with sticks to project their silhouettes onto a cotton cloth.

The Wikipedia entry that briefly talks about the traditional shadow theater of Turkey.

The best example to talk about animation using cutout paper silhouettes and shadows is Lotte Reiniger.

This German artist was a pioneer of animation in the early and mid-20th century. Lotte used resources from the traditional shadow theater of the East and combined it with the openwork silhouettes of Europe.

"Lotte Reinigers silhouettenfilm: Die Geschichte des Prinzen Achmed"

Booklet of the premiere of The Adventures of Prince Achmed .

The Star of Bethlehem

Beautiful short film from the 50's that uses silhouette animation to tell a popular Christmas story.

"Mary's Birthday"

Another magnificent short film from the 50's in which you will be able to appreciate the talent and originality of Lotte Reiniger.

"The Art of Lotte Reiniger, 1970 | From the Vaults"

A short documentary where she is seen working on her works.

"The Adventures of Prince Achmed"

The Wikipedia entry for The Adventures of Prince Achmed

Shadow Puppets, Shadow Theaters and Shadow Films | Lotte Reiniger

This is an unmissable book by Lotte Reiniger where she explains in detail all the resources of shadow theatre, from minimal scale to her own shadow animations. It was published in 1975 and a digitized version can be borrowed at

This company has been producing shadow theater in San Francisco since 1972. Here you can see images of some of their productions.

This is the first professional modern shadow theater troupe in Japan and has produced several plays that bring people into the world of theater, inventing original dramatic styles that modernize shadow play. I share an interview with Shuichi Iida so you can learn more about this Japanese shadow theater company.

Interview with Karl Johnson, a contemporary silhouette portrait artist.

A book about the history of shadow silhouettes by Emma Rutherford.

An incredible shadow theater production that combines actors, silhouettes and projections on a large-scale tableau. In this video they show many details behind the scenes.

A small production by the brilliant company A la sombrita that uses the space in front of the altarpiece and leaves the actors visible.

The review of an installation of light bubbles on which shadows were projected devised by Lucion Media. This is another creative use of projection space.

A brief review of the work of Christian Boltansky that refers to the traditional resources of shadow theater.

Event Date:
Event Times: 9:00 am-2:00 pm
Location: 321 Steele St, Algoma, WI 54201, USA