Terra Incognita III Card


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I trailed the creek, tracing its serpentine course toward the expansive waters, grappling with the stinging nettle, devil’s beggartick, and the ever-present snapping turtles that seemed determined to thwart my journey. Amid the challenges, I pressed on, driven by a curiosity that eclipsed the obstacles in my path. As the creek widened its embrace, demanding a nimble dance along the sandy shore to evade the treacherous muck and marsh, the formidable Point Au Sable loomed in our path.

And then, like a spectral waltz emerging from the mist, it materialized. There it was, a manifestation seemingly conjured from the ethereal realms, beckoning with an enchanting allure. My artist’s soul quickened, and I feverishly sketched its visage, fearing it might vanish like a sprite into the hazy sand bar, where waterfowl mingled with the whispering spirits of the mud-laden soil.

In that fleeting moment, surrounded by the symphony of nature and the dance of unseen guardian spirits, I immortalized the apparition on paper, a testament to the mystical encounter between the mortal and magical realms that unfolded in the heart of the marshy landscape.

This illustration series was started in mid 2023 by myself, Don Krumpos. They are drawn primarily with watercolor, charcoal pencil and India ink on Bristol The prints are made with my original illustrations, and are printed on high quality 250gsm paper at 5 inches x 5 inches with a fold at the top.

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Dimensions 5 × 5 in


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