Terry Incognita VII




Hark! In the realm where mist spun tales across the Bay of Whispering Waves, dwelt a curious Tidgetrotter named Finnegan. His mop of red seaweed fur held dreams as vast as the Great Water, and his eyes, like polished pebbles, reflected a yearning for uncharted shores. His dearest friend, Aerin, as wise as the ancient tide pools, shared his love for the bay’s numinous secrets. Together, they charted its moods, its hidden nooks, and the whispered stories the waves told under moonlit skies.

But within Finnegan’s heart, a restless fire flickered. He dreamt of adventures beyond the bay’s embrace, of charting constellations and mapping lands veiled from Tidgetrotter eyes. One star-strewn night, he confessed his longing to Aerin, her fins drooping with worry at the dangers beyond their familiar haven.

Undeterred, Finnegan, with a heart as stout as a detritus-encrusted rock, built a fantastical airship, a marvel of castoff machine parts and driftwood hull. With a tearful farewell to Aerin and the bay, he soared into the boundless sky, his spirit as free as the wind.

His journey was a tapestry of wonder. He sailed over farmlands cloaked in mistletoe clouds, through forests where fireflies danced like mischievous sprites, and past rivers shimmering with stardust. Each discovery etched a new map onto his soul, filling him with tales whispered on the wind.

Yet, amidst the wonder, a pang of longing tugged at his heart. He dreamt of the Bay of Whispering Waves, of Aerin’s wise smile and the stories etched into the smooth stones. One day, a whisper carried troubling news: the ancient escarpment, a refuge untouched by anthro hands, was threatened by the encroaching shadows of progress.

Finnegan, with newfound knowledge and unwavering courage, charted a course back to his home. He returned, not as a wandering cartographer, but as a defender. With the bay’s creatures at his side, he rallied against the tide of change, weaving tales of its magic and the whispers of the waves.

And so, under the watchful gaze of the stars, Finnegan, the Tidgetrotter cartographer, became the guardian of the Bay of Whispering Waves. His adventures continued, not in distant lands, but in protecting the magic of his own, proving that the greatest journeys often lead back to the heart, where the true treasures lie.

This illustration series was started in mid 2023 by myself, Don Krumpos. They are drawn primarily with watercolor, charcoal pencil and India ink on Bristol The prints are made with my original illustrations, and are printed on high quality 250gsm paper at 5 inches x 5 inches with a fold at the top.


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