Terra Incognita II Card




In the heart of the enchanted farmlands, where the golden hues of dawn embraced the dew-kissed earth, I stumbled upon a realm of surreal wonders. As I ventured through the emerald fields, the air itself seemed to hum with an otherworldly melody, and the verdant landscape began to morph into a dreamscape. To my astonishment, the once ordinary mushrooms, bathed in the iridescence of an ethereal glow, stirred with a life of their own. Tiny faces emerged from their fungal abodes, each cap adorned with expressions as diverse as the colors of a fantastical sunset.

These sentient mushrooms, guardians of the enchanted farmlands, whispered secrets in a language known only to the wind and the ancient spirits that dwelled in the soil. They danced in unison, their slender stems swaying to a melody woven by the harmonious interplay of nature’s magic. As I stood there, a mere mortal captivated by the surreal spectacle, the mushrooms beckoned me into their whimsical world, inviting me to partake in the secrets hidden beneath the enchanted soil and to witness the unseen wonders that thrived in the heart of the magical farmlands.

This illustration series was started in mid 2023 by myself, Don Krumpos. They are drawn primarily with watercolor, charcoal pencil and India ink on Bristol The prints are made with my original illustrations, and are printed on high quality 250gsm paper at 5 inches x 5 inches with a fold at the top.

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Dimensions 5 × 5 in


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