Terra Incognita IV Card




In the ethereal twilight of the magical creek, a whimsical creature lay nestled a few feet beneath the enchanting mud. As I traversed the meandering waters to the very heart of the escarpment, this little critter revealed itself, not as a chance encounter, but as a destined meeting. It beckoned to me, a messenger from the ancient fae realms, where time dances to a melody that we anthros can scarcely comprehend.

The creature, so intricately connected to the mystical energies of the land, sought to convey a message, a secret whispered through the eons. Yet, the fae, ancient guardians of the arcane, adapt to the passage of time at a pace unfathomable to us. Their language, a symphony of nature’s whispers, eluded my understanding. I longed to grasp the essence of its communication, a connection lost in the labyrinth of ages.

In the stillness of that moment, I realized it was not I who had stumbled upon this ethereal being; it was patiently waiting for me, a humble wanderer in the tapestry of realms. The guardian hibernation of this creature held a tranquility, a slumber steeped in the wisdom of ages. I dared not disturb it further, for I recognized the sanctity of its rest.

With a heart touched by the magic of the encounter, I swiftly sketched the creature, capturing its essence on paper as a testament to our brief communion. And with utmost reverence, I returned it to its subterranean haven, allowing the enchanting fae to resume its ageless slumber, leaving me to ponder the untold tales hidden beneath the layers of mud and time.

The print is made with my original illustration, and are printed on high quality 250gsm paper at 5 inches x 5 inches with a fold at the top.

This illustration series was started in mid 2023 by myself, Don Krumpos. They are drawn primarily with watercolor, charcoal pencil and India ink on Bristol.


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