Terra Incognita V




Amidst the crystalline expanse of the frozen creek, where an icy tapestry had woven itself over the once flowing waters, a revelation unfolded along the southern bank. The erosive touch of the water had carved a chasm, unveiling uncharted realms beneath the ethereal ice bridge. A clandestine microfauna society, engaged in industrious construction, toiled obliviously to my watchful gaze. Their delicate existence hung precariously, laid bare to capricious elements, covertly reinforcing the very strata that shielded them from anthropomorphic scrutiny.

In this secretive tableau, an urgent preparation unfolded, shrouded in mystery. The sun, refracted through hoarfrost suspended above, cast its luminous glow upon stratified communities nestled below. Droplets from the ice bridge resonated within the cave’s depths, their echoes reverberating through unseen chambers. Creaking protestations of the diminishing frozen slab served as a spectral warning—a harbinger that this frozen wonderland might be transient.

Undeterred, I traversed the icy thoroughfare to the opposite terminus, where an ascent awaited. As I prepared to bid adieu to my newfound companions, the guardians of this miniature realm, I knew their diligent custodianship would endure, at least for the present. The tiny architects of this clandestine world would persist, their secrets and fortifications secure, as I ventured beyond the confines of the enigmatic ice bridge.

The print is made with my original illustration, and are printed on high quality 250gsm paper at 5 inches x 5 inches with a fold at the top.

This illustration series was started in mid 2023 by myself, Don Krumpos. They are drawn primarily with watercolor, charcoal pencil and India ink on Bristol.


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